WeselmannValue online vessel value indication

Ship valuation service for Bulkers, Tankers, Gas Tankers, Container Ships, Dry Cargo Ships.


What is WeselmannValue?

Ship valuation service for Bulkers, Tankers, Gas Tankers, Container Ships, Dry Cargo Ships.

  • Automatic valuation system for bulkers, tankers, gas tankers, containers, dry cargo ships
  • Based on data driven estimation model
  • Individual or Fleet Indication of ship’s market value, OPEX, Charter rates, Scrap value – current and in the past
  • Comparison of the assessed vessel with the other vessels in its segment in charts
  • Database goes back over 30 years, updated daily
  • System ensures quality and reliability
  • Powered by decades of experience of independent ship valuers in Hamburg


Why WeselmannValue?

Convincing reasons for trying out WeselmannValue


  • Powered by the most comprehensive database in the industry
  • Ingenieurbüro Weselmann is the world’s largest independent vessel valuation company with over 75 years’ of experience
  • Ship valuation is our core business


  • WV’s unique traffic light system shows the degree of confidence in the indication given
  • Historical values are comprehensively shown in charts
  • Lack of available data due to good grounds or high level of fluctuation is openly communicated

Convenient and Flexible

  • Data can be exported in pdf, json, xml formats, Api access upon request
  • Support from a dedicated team of experts
  • Best product at highly competitive rates, starting from 38 Euro per vessel
  • Free to choose the package that suits your needs

Individual Value Indications

  • Insert vessel’s name or IMO number
  • WV indicates market value, OPEX, TC rates and scrap value
  • If an automatic value indication is not possible, an "Assisted Valuation" by Weselmann analysts can be requested for the above mentioned ship segments.

Fleet Function

  • Build your individual fleets
  • Request for fleet value indications
  • Track your fleet value in figures and as chart

Ready to dive in? Start your indications today.

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